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COVID 19 Changes: 

We will be back at Mother Nurture Center in June, which we are very excited about, however, we want to do so as safely as possible. We will be meeting outside in the back of the center on our parking pad. We will be limiting the number of moms who can attend, and arranging seating according to social distancing standards. To ensure as high a safety standard possible, we are asking that our mamas only bring their babies with them if they are of PRE-CRAWLING age. This is because crawlers and older babies/toddlers are hard to keep in their mothers' laps and we want to make sure that distancing is maintained. Newborns-pre-crawling babies are welcome but are to be kept with their own mothers. Although we will be outside, we ask that you please wear a facial covering/mask as a courtesy to MNC staff and other mamas.


In order to get to the gathering, simply walk behind the building and you'll find us! Access to the building will be limited to use of the restrooms. We will provide a diaper changing pad outside. Please dress for the weather--we will only offer our circles during the times of day where it is shaded on the patio. If it rains, we will cancel and reschedule.

We will sanitize all surfaces that may get in contact with MNC visitors (chairs, door handles, bathroom, etc.).

This will be our policy for the time being. Feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, or suggestions.


MAMA CIRCLE is more than a mom's support group, it's a community, a movement, and place to find your people as you navigate motherhood. #Momlife ain't easy, and although we love the digital mom world, there's no substitute for flesh and blood socializing. MAMA CIRCLE gatherings are vibrant, dynamic events for new, experienced, and expecting moms to learn, find community, and carve out time for ourselves. Our groups blend coaching, peer support, baby+mama social time, and special guests to create an authentic, fun experience to find friends and thrive as a mama. 

Our mission is to create a space for mamas to come together and feel safe, heard, and supported. At MC, you might hear folks asking questions about baby sleep, how to practice better self care, postpartum sex, navigating relationships, parenting styles, breastfeeding, how to enrich your baby's growth, birth complications, and many more topics that our mamas are encouraged to share about. At the forefront of all is the emphasis on IDENTITY. Moms want to figure out who they are after the birth of their baby/babies. Giving birth, adopting, or having a child through surrogacy marks a huge SHIFT in identity for women, their partners, and their family. After birth sometimes we feel lost, we don't recognize our bodies or ourselves. MAMA CIRCLE supports women as they come back to themselves, helping our members find balance between motherhood, personhood, couplehood, passion, and career.

Joining MAMA CIRCLE not only offers moms a community, but also mama mentorship that digs deep to meet you where you are and help reflect back to you how you can grow: as a mother and as more. 

MAMA CIRCLE is facilitated by Mother Nurture Center co-founder, Zoë Etkin. Learn more about her here.

Each month we have open discussion, as well as guided topics, such as sleep, postpartum sexuality, self-care, healthy boundaries, feeding, and more. We also bring in the finest mama related businesses and special guests to each circle to further enrich the experience.

At MAMA CIRCLE you can receive... support of all kinds: breastfeeding, parenting, babywearing, postpartum recovery, relationships/sex, parenting, pregnancy, birth, birth story processing, and so much more.
MAMA CIRCLE is community. love. pampering. education. and fun!

To attend you MUST pre-register. No drop-ins. 

Cost: $15 per group
          $25 if you attend both circles in one month

To register, send your payment to via Paypal, @zoe-etkin on Venmo, $zoeetkin on CashApp, or (901)336.4168 on Zelle. 

2020 Circle Dates 


      Tues 6/2 10am-12:00pm     

      Sat 6/13 10am-12:00pm


      Tues 7/7 10am-12:00pm     

      Sat 7/18 10am-12:00pm


      Tues 8/4 10am-12:00pm     

      Sat 8/15 10am-12:00pm

     Tues 9/1 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 9/12 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 10/6 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 10/17 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 11/3 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 11/14 10am-12:00pm


        Tues 12/1 10am-12:00pm     

        Sat 12/12 10am-12:00pm

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